Teen Means What? Reflections on the Panels

Each panel was interesting and meaningful. Sometimes they were tear-filled. Sometimes they were hilarious. Often, they were charged with feeling. None of this translated well on the videos I made. Yet I learned a great deal. Here’s a summary:

Teens around the nation feel intense pressure to perform academically, in sports, and/or socially.
Teens of all ilks […]

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By popular demand, here are scenes that inspired the settings for Life at the Speed of Us. Most of them are from Vail Mountain, and I love when people tell me that they picture moments from the novel as they are skiing or boarding around. Enjoy! Scenes from LIFE AT THE SPEED OF US

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Teen Means What? in Kalamazoo, MI

Teen Means What? in Kalamazoo, Michigan was awesome! Hosted by Bookbug, students from Western Michigan University, members of the community, and writer Bonnie Jo Campbell were present. The discussion was lively and delved deeply into the benefits and barriers of labeling books.

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Teen Means What? in Littleton, CO

The Teen Means What? panel at the Tattered Cover Aspen Grove featured students from Heritage, Littleton, and Arapahoe High Schools. It was funny, sad, revealing, and insightful!

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Teen Means What? in Vail Valley, CO

The first panel discussion was awesome! It took place January 8 at The Bookworm of Edwards. A great way to launch Life at the Speed of Us and so interesting! Teens have much to teach us!

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Teen Means What?

I have a seventeen-year-old daughter, I taught high school (tutor students now), and I just plain love teens. I can’t help it. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because it was such a rocky time in my own life. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a difficult yet hopeful period, when boundaries and definitions of oneself […]

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On Friday, We Ski

Each Friday noon, I stand among the clumps of parents, chatting, waiting for the hired busses to squeak to a halt and for our little angels to pour out. When they arrive, they stumble off, bundled in ski clothes, rocking in the clip-clop steps of ski boots, wearing neck gaiters, helmets, goggles, and carrying their […]

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There Is No Boat

I live in Vail and my writer friend Laura Hendrie lives in Salida, and we meet somewhere in-between for lunch periodically. She asks how my writing is going, and I tell her that it’s going well, but that I feel like what I write is between genres. It is something not quite literary because of its […]

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